Arena Pool Set

Arena Pool Set

High-quality set of swimming goggles filed with Zoom X-Fit and silicone cap. Both components are made of soft, flexible plastic, perfectly fit, do not oppress and do not irritate the skin. Goggles with a polycarbonate lens provides excellent visibility to both underwater and above it. The lenses also have sunscreen and antifog coating, anti-fog lenses.

Swimming Goggles:

  • glass material: polycarbonate
  • material seals and strap: silicone
  • classic shape
  • glass with anti fog coating and UV protection
  • fast clasp
  • split bar
  • soft silicone frame
  • neoprene pad toe - increased comfort on the nose
  • easy and secure fit
  • very soft and comfortable
  • broad application
  • failsafe
  • color: black, gray stripes


  • Material: 100% silicone
  • perfect fit
  • soft and comfortable
  • do not oppress the head
  • It provides protection against chlorine
  • fault-tolerant
  • color: white + black logo Arena

Technologies for product:

Anti-Fog - is a special polymer coating located on the inside of glasses, which causes the water droplets spread evenly to form a layer of water. This ensures excellent visibility at all times, regardless of whether the goggles are dry or wet. The unique curing process gives them a unique lens clarity and prevents discolouration from sunlight.

      Type: Swim Gear

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