Swimwear For Your Shape


Pear, hourglass, apple, boyish…the body shape list could go on forever, and then the bikinis: triangle, bandeau, asymmetric. Don’t even get us started. We know the feeling, where countless hours are wasted every year in front of a shop mirror holding up different colours, shapes, sizes all to no avail. We also know that finding that perfect bikini is often a make-or-break for your summer suitcase. So we’re here to the rescue to provide a guide for the best bikini to wear for your body shape.

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Description: Well, it’s kind of self-explanatory; it’s the shape of a pear. This will generally mean that you are proportionally smaller on top, and that the widest part of your body is below your waist (i.e. your hips and legs). Sound like you? Well, read on.

Solution: The idea is to balance out the bodily proportions and to draw attention away from the bottom half of your body while drawing more attention to the bust area. Opt for a bikini top that will showcase your top half, for example frills or a bright colour, and keep the bikini bottoms plain of additional detail and in a darker colour.

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Description: This generally means you are proportionally top-heavy with broad shoulders, a full bust and sturdy upper back. Apple-shaped bodies also tend to carry the most weight around the torso area and will generally have smaller hips and legs.

Solution: The first thing is to draw attention away from the mid-section of your body and emphasise your legs. A well cut swimsuit is ideal for slimming the stomach area, and bright patterning such as leopard print will also break up any lines and folds to give the illusion of a smooth tummy. Choose bottoms that are either high rise or with tie-sides to show-off the legs and flatter your best bits.

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Description: This body shape tends to be long and lean with a small bust and narrow hips. Boyish body shapes also tend to have very little in the way in curves, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing – because of the slender frame, basically every colour is go!

Solution: Avoid triangle bikini tops as they tend to draw attention to the lack of bust rather than flatter it. Bandeau bikinis are good at creating an illusion of a slightly larger bust and will break up the straight line of the figure (not to mention, no tan lines). For bottoms, opt for something with frills. Now don’t worry, we’re not talking Dame Edna type dramatic frills, but the few extra subtle layers help to create the illusion of a slightly fuller figure. As for colour, we can only emphasise, the world is your oyster!

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Description: This body shape is characterised by a large bust and curvy hips and this tends to be offset with a smaller waist. Not all styles will flatter this body shape, so it’s important to know what’s right for you.

Solution: You suit a classic bra-style bikini top; underwiring is probably advisable as it will emphasise the bust at the same time as providing the much-needed support. The bikini style is more flattering than a tankini or swimsuit as it will allow you to show-off your waist; as we always say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. It’s also advisable to wear a matching coloured bikini in order to keep the bust and hips ratio equal.

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