FINIS Dart Goggles Smoke

FINIS Dart Goggles Smoke

The FINIS Dart Swimming Goggles are the classic racing goggles designed for competitive swimmers. The low profile lenses sit comfortably around the eye and the traditional hard frame design gives swimmers a leak proof seal. The Dart Goggles come with a nose piece and string that are used for a personalized fit.

TRADITIONAL HARD FRAME DESIGN- Lenses fit around your eye socket for a tight seal

LOW PROFILE LENSES- Designed for competitive swimmers to reduce drag

CUSTOM FIT- Comes with an adjustable nose bridge for all face shapes

GREATER VISIBILITY- No gasket means less obstruction for greater peripheral vision

The Dart Goggles are Swedish goggles - notable for no seal around the eye cup.
Swedish goggles require complete user assembly, which results in a fit that is specifically tailored to their owner.

Type: Swim Gear

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