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Relaxing in a hammock is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend an afternoon. It's easy to add a one to your own backyard if you have a place to hang it and the right hardware. Here is The Beach Company's tips to learn about hammocks and the best places to hang them.

Where to Hang a Hammock:

Natural shade: The traditional place to hang a hammock is between two strong trees. You can do the same in your own backyard by stringing the hammock underneath your trees, if you have two trees that are mature and large enough to support the weight. The natural shade provided by trees creates a relaxing setting out of the sun and heat. If you tie your hammock directly to the trees, make sure you tie it securely.

Portable stand: Hammock stands are perfectly designed and balanced to accommodate most hammocks. The convenience provided by portable stands allows you to place them nearly anywhere in your yard as well as move them from place to place, as opposed to hammocks anchored to a tree or structure.

Sturdy anchors: A hammock can be hung nearly anywhere in your yard as long as you have something sturdy to anchor it to. Place hooks in the outdoor walls of your house or shed to hang a hammock on and enjoy a little relaxation right outside your back door. Wooden fence posts and sturdy trees are other easy, durable places to anchor a hammock. You'll want to make sure any hooks and hardware you use are placed securely to avoid causing injury or damage to your wall, fence, or tree.

Covered structures: A front porch or a covered patio provides both shade and support for your hammock. Outside walls and posts are the perfect places to set anchors for your hammock, and a shaded outdoor space offers a relieving escape from summer heat. In addition, the shelter provided by a covered structure keeps your hammock out of the rain, helping to preserve the hammock and increase its life span.

Poolside: There may not be a more relaxing place in your backyard to lie in a hammock than next to the pool. Not only will you enjoy soaking up some sun after a dip in the pool, but pool water cools the air around it, giving you a nice, cool spot to relax on a hot summer day. Be sure to choose a hammock made with durable, all-weather fabrics to prevent any deterioration caused by humidity and moisture from the pool.

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Maintainance Of Your Swimwear

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Handwash only
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Do not iron
Do not dryclean

Your Summer in Style!
Swimwear will last much longer if you bear in mind following instructions:

  • Rinse your swimwear with clean, lukewarm tap water after every swim to remove chloride and seawater from the fabric as water with a high chloride content is known to bleach certain fabrics.
  • If the swimwear is soiled, you can wash it by hand in lukewarm water. You can add a small amount of mild soap (do not use any bleach or separate stain cleaners as they tend to be aggressive) Let the swimwear soak for a couple of minutes in the soapy water but rinse it thoroughly afterwards. Always drip dry your swimwear. Don’t dry clean your swim or bathing wear.
  • Dry your swimwear away from direct sunlight, preferably flat on a towel or on your drying rack. Do not wash your swimwear in a washing machine or dryer. Lycra is fabric containing stretch, which can be damaged in a washing machine or a dryer. Don’t iron your swimwear.
  • Only store your swimwear when it is completely dry. When stored wet, your swimwear can discolour. This is also the reason to avoid leaving your swimwear in a bag or wet towel.
  • Fluorescent colours are not light true/colour steady; they will discolour much faster in bright sunlight and chloride than other fabrics. The longer the time in the sun, the faster the fabric will discolour.
  • Avoid contact with rough surfaces (parapets, rocks, slides, …). Swimwear is made of nylon /lycra and can fluff after rubbing.
  • Avoid whirlpools, especially when wearing fluorescent swimwear, as it can be damaged this way.
  • Avoid direct contact with sunscreen products as they can affect the elasticity and stain the fabric.
  • Complaints following damage after wrongful use will not be met. We can not guarantee any products against damage from the sun or chloride exposure.

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Do you dream of showing off your shapely legs under flowing dresses and daring to wear shorts without unsightly dapples on your knees and thighs this summer holiday?

It's time for Operation Mermaid Legs


To get back or to acquire super-toned legs, nothing beats kicks, preferably with mini-fins. Hold the board in front of you, keep your arms straight, keep in your lane and start your laps! 


If you really dislike laps, here are some exercises from AQUAGym which you can do alone with your own equipment.

To tone your thighs:

Keep your back stuck to the side of the pool and the leg that touches the bottom slightly bent. Lift the other one our in front of you, bending your knee to 90 degrees, keep toes pointed. Straighten your leg out in front of you, in a wide movement. Start slowly and then accelerate. Do series of 15 movements with each leg.

To tone your inner thighs:

In deep water, place a pool noodle under each armpit. Bend your knees in front of you, then open and close your legs. Do series of 15 movements. Each time, don't forget to contract your abs and remember to breathe!


For slimmer legs: 

Keep your feet together, straight back, facing the side of the pool, and place your hands on the edge. Lift one leg on the side, and make large circles, keeping straight. Do 15 rotations clockwise and 15 anti-clockwise, then change leg.

To slim down your thighs:

Pedalling is the best way to reduce flabby thighs that ruin our figures. Sit on the ladder, hold on the rails and pedal with your legs out in front of you as if you were on a bike. You will of course be in the way of people who want to get in and out. But it will be an opportunity to take a break. Try to do this exercise for 10 minutes in total.

For slimmer ankles:

Keep straight, both feet together. Like a dancer, go up on pointe, then back down with your heels on the floor. Do series of 15 movements. For a change, you can have your feet in first position, with your heels together, but toes apart.

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Why people love the beach!

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Why is the Beach on the top of the list when people think of vacation?

What makes beaches so appealing? I have often thought about this.  After all, India is a tropical country where pristine beaches are all over the South. The one thing I love most about the beach is the feeling of tranquility and inner peace, overlooking the vast ocean, the blue sky, the sway of coconut trees and gentle blow of the sea breeze that caress the skin makes me feel so free.

So why beach holidays are so popular? Well, one of the reasons that people will tell you is that going to the beach is relief from the chaotic city life that they usually live. Everybody needs to have a little change of scenery every now and then and the beach is just the perfect place to relax and forget work for a while. Perhaps it’s the way the soft sand feels against your bare feet as you walk along the waves. The sound of the waves brings a feeling of calm and you can feel the stress fall away. The warmth of the sun feels good as it shines down on your shoulders. Beaches are linked with large bodies of water where you can enjoy water sports such as snorkeling, surfing, jet skiing. See, you can do plenty of things there as the beach offers plenty of activities for people. Or if the art of doing nothing is what is on your mind, you can also do that there.

Olotayan Island, Capiz

But it’s more than just that. There’s this theory that the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore and the gentle rocking that is often associated with spending time by the water’s edge has a deeper connection to us. Some postulate that the similarities between the water and the time we spend in the womb make a return to said environment soothing, hence why we are drawn back to it. Because of the tremendous magical feeling of being with the ocean and listening to how the forces of nature flow, it inspires many to have family celebration at the beach, such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Water is life. The ocean is almost synonymous to the celebration of life.

Whatever the reason why beach holidays are popular, one thing is for sure, people enjoy the way beaches make them feel and the relaxation they take with them. It’s a feeling like no other. They say that salt water cures all. Now if stress is the disease that has been plaguing you, the beach is the best way to heal you. Just imagine having an ice-cold beer while watching the sun go down as the rest of the world becomes non-existent….divine!

The Beach Company is committed to sustainable beach tourism. Proceeds from our sales are shared with numerous marine conservation societies.

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Goa's best wedding venues

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Taj Exotica
From the moment you set foot in this 56-acre property in south Goa, expect to feel a wonderful sense of calm and serenity. Grand architecture, a sun-drenched atrium and shady corridors are its winning features. There are 140 luxury rooms and villas to choose from—we suggest the couple check-in to one of the two Presidential villas, they come with their own private plunge pools. The luxurious Taj Exotica goes out of its way to provide couples with the ultimate fairytale wedding. There is virtually nothing they won’t and can’t do. Wedding packages are provided by the hotel with a host of services and amenities that cater to both Hindu and Christian ceremonies. The packages are broken down into pre-wedding rituals which include special spa treatments. Next, the wedding itself with special themes available such as “Mughal Wedding” and “White Wedding” and finally, post-wedding services which concern banquets and music, the wedding night and the day-after segments. 
Taj Exotica Goa, Benaulim, Goa (+91 832 668 3333; www.tajhotels.com)

Park Hyatt Goa
The Park Hyatt Goa, located on the secluded beaches of South Goa, offers an array of dazzling services to make sure that the wedding of your dreams comes true. From breathtaking sunset ceremonies to cocktail parties by the pool, this plush property promises to pull out all the stops. Looking for something more intimate? Avail of their on-estate wedding specialist, who is assigned to the happy couple, to personalise the event. The bridal party is also treated to a day at the hotel’s Sereno Spa to unwind and de-stress before the wedding. CNT tip: Sign up for the Hyatt’s Wedding at the Park offer, and get your honeymoon nights on the house; at any Hyatt hotel around the world.
Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa, Arossim Beach, Cansaulim, South Goa (+91 832 272 1234; www.park.hyatt.com)

The Zuri White Sands, Goa Resorts & Casino
The Zuri White Sands, Goa Resorts & Casino is a 154-room resort located at Varca Beach in south Goa that was built according to Portuguese architecture and design. The resort houses exquisite suites built around gorgeous central courtyards, which come complete with a garden, patio and pergolas. The most breathtaking feature of this luxury hotel however, is its gigantic meandering swimming pool, which stretches alongside the length of the resort. The hotel takes upon itself the burden to plan and organize what they promise to be the most bedazzling wedding event, catering solely to the choices of the bride and groom. Theme, décor, entertainment—everything is coordinated by Zuri. For those who wish to opt for a romantic church wedding, the hotel can even organize that in one of the surrounding churches, to add that traditional touch to the grand day. 
The Zuri White Sands, Goa Resorts & Casino, Pedda, Varca, Salcete (+91 832 272 7272;www.thezurihotels.com)
The Beach Company retails it's range of beachwear, pool toys & swimwear at the Zuri Goa.

Goa Marriott Resort & Spa
The recently renovated Goa Marriott Resort in Panaji is ideal for destination weddings. This riverfront property offers the bridal party a gargantuan 9,000sq ft of event space so couples can experience a grand Goan wedding with all the trimmings. Their Grand Ballroom alone can accommodate up to 420 guests. The hotel offers multiple outdoor venues with spectacular scenic views of the sea. Along with a highly trained wedding planning team and state of the art technology, the Marriott Goa is the ideal spot for a romantic and scenic wedding. Editor’s note: this resort has 172 rooms and eight suites—we recommend you book the Bay View Suite if you want lovely Mandovi River views.
Goa Marriott Resort, Miramar Beach, Panaji, Goa (+91 832 246 3333; www.marriott.com)

The Sol
The hotel’s architecture is inspired by Goan colonial history and the interiors have been designed by celebrated Indian fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani. Three wings built around a central courtyard boast both rooms and suites decorated in earthy, neutral tones, which are complimented by antique furniture. We recommend you book one of the four luxury suites that have great views of the Sinquerim River. Simply, unique and intimate are two words that best describe The Sol.  And consequently, it provides a secluded, charming and poetically romantic spot for the ultimate private wedding. With 16 luxury rooms and four exquisite suites, this is the ideal choice for those couples who prefer to tie the knot in relative seclusion. 
The Sol, Road opp Bank of India, Bhatiwado, Nerul, Bardez, Goa (+91 832 671 4141; www.thesol.in)

Vivanta by Taj – Fort Aguada
The charming Goan-Portuguese architecture of the Vivanta by Taj – Fort Aguada has five different banquet spaces among which are the Aguada Ballroom, Bayview Point and Sunset Point—the latter two being ideal for an outdoor wedding ceremony. From an intimate magical wedding with only 80 guests to a large opulent affair with 600 guests, the Vivanta by Taj remains one of the most beautiful premier wedding venues in Goa. 
Vivanta by Taj – Fort Aguada, Candolim, Goa (+91 832 664 5858; www.vivantabytaj.com)

InterContinental The Lalit Goa Resort
Located on Goa’s unspoilt southern coast and spread across 85 acres, this all-suite secluded retreat is a marvellous escape. Looking out onto beautifully landscaped gardens—eight of which are designed by famed French landscaper, Oliver Vicchirini—you’ll feel a sense of calm at Lalit Goa. The exotic InterContinental is a spectacular venue for a magical Goan wedding. The hotel is renowned for its innovatively landscaped gardens such as the Portuguese garden, the Rose Garden and the Maze. The majestic grounds only heighten the magic of the special day. The hotel provides for a dedicated wedding planner working round the clock to ensure every minute detail of the event is in order. And with an idyllic white-sand beach nearby, a golf course and a spa, this hotel is the perfect place for an indulgent destination wedding.
InterContinental The Lalit Goa Resort, Raj Baga, Canacona, Goa (+91 832 266 7777; www.thelalit.com)

Alila Diwa Goa
Alila Diwa Goa is spread across 12 acres of verdant paddy plantations and features architecture inspired by traditional Goan design—expect high ceilings, pitched roofs, warm verandas and calm courtyards. Its 153 rooms and suites are housed on two levels—the ground level has Family Terrace rooms and the one above has Loft rooms with private balconies. This exclusive boutique property is tipped to be one of the most romantic venues to tie the knot at, this year. Beautifully landscaped lawns and sprawling banquet halls are on the cards when the Alila Diwa Goa is chosen as the venue for a wedding. The hotel prides itself on leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the couple’s special day is truly a once in a lifetime affair.
Alila Diwa Goa, 48/10 Village Majorda, Adao Waddo, Salcette, Goa (+91 832 274 6800; www.alilahotels.com)
The Beach Company retails it's range of beachwear, pool toys & swimwear at the Alila Diwa Goa.

The Leela Kempinski Goa
You’ll find this luxury five-star hotel spread out over 75 acres in beautiful south Goa, sitting amidst languid lagoons and lush verdant land. The Leela Kempinski Goa is a winning combination of colonial customs and modern Indian sensibilities—you can even experience the traditional way of life here, with the fishing village of Sal a stone’s throw away. The Leela Goa is well prepared to host your wedding, your way. The hotel can organize everything from a themed outdoor beach wedding on the hotel’s exclusive and isolated beach to a green ceremonies on their lush lawns; ideal for the reception and cocktail nights. The indoor Grand Ballroom is influenced by nature with its rocky enclave and dense foliage. Flower arrangement, theme décor and a personalised tiered wedding cake—the hotel offers it all. End your day with a dazzling display of fireworks, in the presence of friends and family.
The Leela Kempinski Goa, Mobor, Goa (+91 832 662 1234; www.theleela.com)
The Beach Company retails it's range of beachwear, pool toys & swimwear at SALT at The Leela Goa

Cidade de Goa
The forerunner for ultimate Goan hospitality—Cidade de Goa, offers the nuptial couple complete control of its 40 acre property in order to accommodate their every wish and fancy.  Let their team of wedding planners organize the nitty-gritty details of the event as you look forward to mandaps decked with gorgeous flowers, beach weddings with arrival by boat or sangeets out on the beach, under starry Dona Paula skies.
Cidade de Goa, Vainguinim Beach, Goa (+91 832 2454545; www.cidadedegoa.com)
The Beach Company retails it's range of beachwear, pool toys & swimwear at the Zuri Goa.

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