Summer Beach Safety Tips

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Summer Beach Safety Tips:
From sun to water safety, review these beach tips to keep your family healthy and happy before you chill out on the sand.

The end of monsoons means one thing for The Beach Company: Beach time!

I pretty much lived at Arpora as a kid, swimming and playing in the sea, and acquiring some rocking tan lines. But I also learned early on the importance of beach and ocean safety—thanks to my dear old dad. Severe sunburns, heat stroke and swimming accidents are a reality, but they are also easy to avoid.

As you & your family heads to the beach this holiday—whether for a day trip, or a weeklong vacation—review these safety tips to ensure a fun, safe, sandy adventure.

Safety Precautions for Beach Lovers of All Ages

The first lesson I learned: Never turn your back on the ocean. Waves form quickly and can catch you by surprise. Beach safety experts agree and offer these additional precautionary tips:

Learn to swim before heading to the beach: It saves lives. If your kids aren’t strong swimmers or are just learning how to swim, make sure they stay close to shore.

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Reapply often, and use broad-spectrum lotion that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Young children require a higher SPF sunscreen than adults because their skin is actually thinner and more susceptible to UV rays. According to Safe Travel, a U.K.–based Web site, children can get burned in less than 10 minutes of sun exposure. Apply lotion 15 to 30 minutes before heading outside for optimal absorption. Other sun-protective measures: wear a hat and sunglasses.

Actively supervise your children at all times: According to the Aquatic Safety Research Group (ASRG), “the number-one problem at beaches is lost children.” ASRG suggests families create a beach plan’: “Know where you entered the beach, where you will place your blanket, and where you will meet if and when you become separated.”

Only swim where a lifeguard is present: The United States Lifesaving Association says that swimming near a lifeguard lowers your chance of drowning to 1 in 18 million. Never swim alone—even if you’re a strong swimmer.

Don’t dive head first into the ocean. Murky, sandy water can obscure underwater obstacles in the shallows. Protect your neck by always entering the ocean feet first.

Avoid alcohol: It not only inhibits judgment, it accelerates dehydration, too. Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water regularly.


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Beginner's Swim Kit

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So, you've decided to take the plunge in the pool—literally! When you jump in head first to the world of swimming, you will want to build your “swim kit,” as we like to call it. In addition to the obvious, your swimsuit, you might be curious about what swim gear you will need. Thankfully, we’re here to help the beginners and the advanced swimmers alike. Below is a list of the equipment you will want to consider before diving into the sport for the first time.

First and foremost, swim goggles are essentially a must-have for a swimmer at any level. Nobody wants to swim with chlorine water flooding their eyes, trust us! Generally, a beginning swimmer will want superior suction around the eye with a comfortable, soft seal. We recommend checking out the FINIS Cascade. The Cascade has come to be one of the most well-known goggles in the swimming world because of its durability and comfortable design.


Next, you will probably want a swim cap-- depending on your personal preference, gender and hair length. For your first swim cap, we suggest a silicone cap. Silicone is softer on the head and doesn't pull your hair when putting it on. The Slazenger range would be perfect for protecting your pretty locks during your first few workouts in the water.

Now that you’ve got your essentials checked off, let’s dive into the equipment. In the wonderful world of swimming, a pull buoy helps keep your hips afloat while highlighting your arms to strengthen your pull power. A buoy, such as the The Beach Company Pull Buoy, has a comfortable shape that fits securely between your legs. While using a pull buoy might be a bit awkward at first, after time you'll start to develop a stronger pull through the water that will transfer into your regular swimming when the equipment comes off. Pull buoys usually go hand-in-hand with swim paddles. The swim paddles simply slip onto your hands and/or fingers to give you more pulling power through the water—it’s not a coincidence that they’re called paddles.We love the FINIS Agility Paddles!

Now that you’re pulling yourself through the water like the swim-star that you are, let’s kick it up a notch. A kickboard helps strengthen your legs and kicking power through the water, giving you more acceleration when you're swimming. The FINIS Kickboard lets you kick comfortably on soft foam while letting your legs propel you.

Lastly, for a beginner, swimming with the proper breathing technique can be a difficult concept to grasp. Often times, unwanted water might go into your mouth (or even worse, your nose) and leave you turning your head too far out of the water (using unnecessary energy). Thankfully, Sporti has developed comfortable nose-clips and Finis has great Ear-Plugs to help you breath comfortably and feel safe in the water. This kit reduces the water entries and creates a larger air pocket for you to breath. Although not completely necessary, we highly recommend this piece for your first few swims.

And to inspire you further here's a video of Cielo Filho breaking the world record in the Men's 50m Freestyle:) 

Now that you've acquired your new swim equipment, you'll need a storage bag to easily transport from the car to the pool. The Arena Navigator Bag has all the pockets and storage space you need for your next swim sessions. See how easy that was?

Now that you’re all set for all of the swim sets ahead, there is one last thing to remember on your journey to becoming a swimmer-- just keep swimming!

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The Greek Islands Are Calling You. Here's Where To Go.

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So you want to take a trip to the good ole Greek islands, and we can't fault you. But there are nearly 6,000 of them scattered around so finding what's right for you can be tricky.

But hark! We've done some organizing for you to help whittle down the choices based on the type of vacation you're looking for.

Herewith, some of our favorites:

Known for its beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts and wild nightlife, this is the island for party lovers. The wildest parties can typically be found at Paradise Club Mykonos, where they bring famous DJs to throw giant music-filled parties.

Or head to the small but hilly Ios. The nightlife is centered in the main town of Chora, where you're sure to find a plethora of tourists on any given night. Note: things don't really get going until LATE. Peak season is in the summer months, when95% of visitors are "there to party" and the average age of travelers is 22
mykonos party

This is the idyllic Greek island you see in photos. Head to the home of those iconic white cliffside homes with blue roofs and cozy on up with your sweetie.

Pebbled beaches are the name of the game on this relatively untouched island, which has a rocky and rugged terrain
santorini sunset

Consider this foodie heaven. Taste the local treats like olive oil, dakos and sweet cheese in some of the island's fresh markets and then take part in mikró ýpno, the Greek version of a siesta.
crete restaurant

The lack of wild nightlife coupled with fairly flat roads makes this island a hit with the older crowd. The port of Parikia is a charming fishing village that is best explored at a leisurely pace.

Time stands still here, where the only modes of transportation are boat, donkey or foot, as all motorized vehicles are banned. "Athenians have been known to escape to Hydra", giving it a more authentic feel than the more popular islands. 

three hour high-speed ferry from Athens, Sifnos has shallow and sandy beaches equipped with cafes and restaurants right in the sand.

Here you'll find great kid-friendly beaches, family-friendly activities, engaging historical sites and fantastic sightseeing destinations. There are also several playgrounds for kids within Naxos Town
sifnos beach

This island has everything, making it perfect for families with varying interests and a limited budget. You can hike through the mountain villages, explore the beaches,waterski or mountain bike. 

Most well-known for its hiking trails, Ikaria is a nature lover's heaven with stunning landscapes of mountains covered in cypress, oak and pine trees. It also happens to be known for its apricot trees, so after a long hike, you'll have to try the local variety called kariótika kaissá.

Beautifully rugged, Alonissos is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors. It's prettyremote , all the better for taking solitary walks through forests, olive groves and orchards. It is also part of a national marine park where, in designated areas, you canswim, snorkel and watch for wildlife such as rare seabirds, dolphins and the Mediterranean monk seal.

This island has a stunning coastline of over 60 magnificent beaches perfect for lazing around with a glass of ouzo. When you're tired of so much relaxing on the beach, the villages are filled with charming, narrow 19th-century streets with old mansions that were once owned by ship captains.

It has a super dramatic landscape, all the better to enjoy the vast stretches of uninhabited land and peaceful villages

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The Pool Photographer, Literally

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What traveler hasn’t gotten off a plane after a long flight and, suddenly trying to adjust to a warm climate, thought about a dip in the water?

Marieke van der Velden, a frequent visitor to places like sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, has it down to a routine: No sooner does she leave an airport terminal than she asks her driver where she can find a good pool – and off they go.

But when she arrives poolside, it’s doubtful she will get so much as her feet wet. “I’m not a big swimmer,” she confessed.

Ms. van der Velden is there for the pictures.

A photographer based in Amsterdam, she has traveled extensively for news organizations and nonprofit groups, documenting land-mine victims, child mortality and AIDS. It can get heavy. But during a 2009 trip to Burkina Faso, a turbulent Ouagadougou sky caught her eye. She got a shot of storm clouds off in the distance. There was a hotel pool in the foreground. She gave it little thought.

A few days later, in Weotinga, her gaze was again drawn to an ominous sky, where bands of dark gray hung over buildings, trees and — what do you know? — another pool in the foreground. “Two minutes before the flood came,” reads the caption.

It was only when Ms. van der Velden was back in the Netherlands showing her work to a friend that pools moved from foreground to forefront. She decided to photograph them as a sideline whenever she was traveling on assignment. The result is a series of photos called, appropriately enough, “Swimming Pools.

Dakar, Senegal. Preparing for dinner with a view on the Atlantic Ocean during sunset at the newly built Radisson Blu Hotel.
Marieke van der VeldenDakar, Senegal. Preparing for dinner with a view on the Atlantic Ocean during sunset at the newly built Radisson Blu Hotel.

Since she began, Ms. van der Velden has photographed pools in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Albania and Uganda, among other countries.

She is not the first artist to turn her attention to pools.

Beginning in the 1960s, David Hockney produced a series of sun-drenched pool paintings that would make even Woody Allen want to pack his bags and move to California. (“O, wow,” Ms. van der Velden wrote in an e-mail after the paintings were called to her attention. “This is so beautiful. I never saw these paintings. It feels so clear and bright and peaceful.”)

And in John Cheever’s short story “The Swimmer,” a young man decides to make his way home across the suburbs by swimming from pool to pool. Somewhere along the way, youth is lost, as are prosperity, happiness and any sense of pools as a place anyone would want to spend time in.

Ms. van der Velden’s work falls somewhere in between.

There are photographs of girls in Kenya playing at a resort, and of students lounging on deck chairs in Malawi. But there is also a photo of three boys at a pool in Baghdad, where Ms. van der Velden traveled in 2011, when American forces left the country. There is no hint of warfare in the picture, but it is hard to look at the boys without wondering if this is just a stolen moment of happiness. In Coonor, India, an empty pool on a former British estate speaks of empires gone and legacies of uncertain value.

Other photographs are even more unsettling. Near Monrovia, Liberia, a pool that once belonged to President William Tolbert, who was killed in 1980, is filled with murky water. Elsewhere in Liberia, poolside tables are stacked upside down at a house said to belong to a relative of Charles Taylor, the Liberian leader convicted of playing a role in atrocities in Sierra Leone.

Ms. van der Velden does not always come away with a shot. In Chicago one winter, she says, a rooftop pool was full of snow, just begging to be photographed, but no one would unlock the door to let her get to it. And sometimes, she visits a pool, walks around and leaves.

Your average swimmer may decide not to go into a pool for the ordinary reasons. Water that’s too cold, perhaps. Too much chlorine. Or maybe there’s not enough chlorine in the world to make up for all those little kids splashing around the shallow end.

When Ms. van der Velden gives the thumbs-down to a pool, it is harder to put into words. She has to feel a “click.” She has to feel that her photographs will tell a story.

“There are a lot of swimming pools in the world that are not interesting at all,” she said. “They are just swimming pools. Nothing is happening.”

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FINIS Swim Is Here

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FINIS is a Latin word that signifies "the end" or "grand finale." It holds symbolic meaning to the company as it not only contains the word 'fin' (our first product), but the word FINIS also represents the true nature of why we, as swimmers, undergo such rigorous training schedules. We continue to strive and improve upon such an unnatural, but immensely rewarding sport.

FINIS is, and will always remain, whole heartedly committed to the discovery and development of innovative swimming products that enable athletes to meet that "end" or "grand finale" of a finish line that we as competitors and individuals set as a benchmark to become bigger and better than who we are today.

The Beach Company is pleased to be a re-seller for FINIS SWIM. Shop the range here.


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